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Nasi Goreng – my style

Hi folks, having recently moved house and missing my cookbooks which are still in boxes in “the outhouse” (my garden shed) I have been making up recipes for dinner lately and this Nasi Goreng is one.

Traditionally Nasi Goreng is fried rice with chicken or seafood topped with a fried egg and spiced with Indonesian spices. My version uses cauliflower rice (after my cleanse I am loving substituting regular for cauliflower – it makes dishes lighter, is more nutritious and tastier) and I have no idea whether the spice mix is Indonesian – i made it up! 

After a long weekend in Krakow (amazing place!) where I ate a lot of comforting but rather stodgy meat dishes I wanted a lighter dinner so elected seafood for my nasi goreng mixing squid into the spiced rice and topping with a lovely fillet of turmeric spiced seabass. 
The dish is gluten free, packed with your 5 a day veggies and high in protein from the seabass and squid.

Serves 2
Paste – blitz the below in a food processsor until a smooth paste is formed:

4 cloves garlic
2cm ginger
1tsp shrimp paste
2tbsp lime juice
1 red chilli
1tsp palm sugar
2tbsp roasted flaked almonds
1 tbsp veg oil
salt and pepper
1tsp turmeric
1tsp chilli powder

Nasi Goreng

Spice Paste (above)
1tbsp Kecap Manis (this is Indonesian ketchup, if you cant find any, use equal amounts of soy sauce and palm sugar)
1tsp Soy Sauce
1 handful of baby corn (chopped)
2 heads Pak Choi (sliced)
1 handful of mange tout (chopped)
3 spring onions (sliced)
1 handful green beans (chopped)
1/2 head Cauliflower – coarsely grated to a rice-like consistency
2 fillets seabass
1 tbsp turmeric
2 eggs
Rapeseed oil

Sprinkle the turmeric over the seabass fillets and leave to one side. Warm the cauliflower rice in a dry pan and leave to one side.
To ensure everything is cooked well, I part cooked the veggies in boiling water so that they were ready to be stirfried into the nasi goreng and would be nicely al dente.
Heat the paste in a wok or large frying pan with a little rapeseed oil and wait until it sizzles and smells fragrant. Add the kecap manis and the soy and mix again.
Add the veggies and squid and cover with the spice mix. Whilst this is cooking through, fry the seabass in a little oil, skin side down for 2 minutes on each side. At this stage, mix the cauliflower rice into the wok with the squid and veggies to mix together and heat through.
If you can multi task, now is the time to fry your eggs as they can be cooking through as you plate up.
Serve the nasi goreng topped with the seabass and the fried egg on top.


Seabass with Green Mash 

As I get ready for holiday/bikini season (i have been very spoiled and have a few – well 8, amazing trips planned this year!) i am being extra healthy focussing on portion size, nutrition and a good balance between protein and carbs.

After my workout I needed a good fill of protein to recover and carbs for energy and a few portions of good old greens! This recipe is inspired from Jamie Oliver’s superfood book and super it is!

Seabass is an excellent source of protein and is packed with vitamins A, D and E. It contains a good balance of fats as it isnt too oily but its omega-3 oils are anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing so good fats!
The greens in this recipe are primarily asparagus and peas. Asparagus is in season now (feb until june) encourages a healthy gut, boosts energy and contains lots of antioxidents good for the skin and good for the heart. Peas are rich im vitamin C, helps with digestion and a good source of iron too which also boosts energy.

Serves 2
2 Seabass fillets
200g Asparagus
200g Peas
1 medium Potato
2 handfuls Spinach
8 large Mint Leaves
1 handful low fat grated mature cheddar
1 Red Chilli – sliced

Dice the potato and pop on the stove to boil. Keep 4 asparagus aside, chop the rest and pop into boil with 3/4 of the peas.
Whilst they cook, shred the remaining asparagus with a peeler and mix with the chilli, remaining peas and a little lemon juice. Put to one side.
Sieve the potatoes, asparagus and peas when cooked, add in the spinach, mint and cheese and pulse to a chunky mash. Leave in a warm oven whilst you cook yhe seabass.
Keeping the seabass simple, i brushed with olive oil and drizzled with a little lemon juice and fry skin side down for a few minutes, covering with some damp greaseproof paper for a final couple of minutes to steam cook the other side whilst keeping the skin crispy.
To plate up, serve the salad alongside the mash with the seabass on top and another little drizzle of lemon juice.


Nutritious Seabass with Salsa

I wanted a nice, easy, fresh tasty dinner this evening to make after a good gym session. I settled on Seabass with a salsa inspired by good old Rick Stein. I haven’t had my favourite prawns for a few days so was a nice way to have them as part of the meal too! Prawns are packed with protein so were a good addition to my post-workout meal.
Seabass is also a great source of protein, its vitamins A, D and E and omega-3 oils strengthen immunity and it is a well balanced source of good fats.
The mango and avocado are a good source of vitamin b, courgettes give us vitamin c and chilli is great for detox and lowering cholesterol.

Serves 2
Seabass fillets x2
1 avocado
1 red chilli
1/2 mango
Handful of Coriander
Juice of 1 Lime
1/2 Courgette
100g Cooked Prawns
2 Spring Onions

Finely chop all the veggies, chilli, mango and coriander and mix together. Add the prawns thickly sliced and the lime juice. The salsa should be chunky, fresh and colourful!
Lightly fry the seabass skin side down in some olive oil – 3 minutes on each side should do the trick.
Serve alongside the salsa, I also had some plain brown rice (needed the carbs after my workout!) and some tenderstem brocolli and green beans.