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Before the Cleanse…..

As I am now a qualified nutritionist, it seemed only right that I put myself on a cleanse so that I am best placed to give advice to people as and when life takes me there. 

The cleanse that I have chosen aims to nourish the tummy by repairing and rejuvinating the gut – taking out foods which are harmful to the digestive system and replacing them with foods which rebalance, replenish and nourish. My aim is not to lose weight but its to get my body to the best possible place to be fit, healthy and glowing! Anyway – more about that next week – for now I am sharing the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Bustrengo which is a Bolognese Apple and Polenta Cake. Before the cleanse I am going out with a bang!

We ate similar cake in Bologna – its not too sweet – similar to bread and  butter pudding I suppose. Best served warm with either custard or creme freche.

Serves 10/fills a 28cm loose bottomed cake tin
100g Fine Polenta
200g Plain Flour
100g Breadcrumbs
100g Caster Sugar
500ml Milk
3 Eggs – beaten
100g Runny Honey
55ml Olive Oil
100g Dried Figs – chopped
100g Sultanas
500g (approx 2) Apples – peeled and diced
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
Zest of an Orange
Zest of a Lemon

Pre-heat oven to 180 degs and grease the cakes tin.
Mix together the polenta, flour, breadcrumbs and sugar in a large
mixing bowl. In a seperate bowl beat together the milk, eggs, honey and olive oil. Add this wet mixture to the dry mixture and mix together. Pop in the dried fruits, apples, zest and cinnamon and stir together.
Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake for 50 minutes to an
hour or until a skewer comes out clean when poked through.
As i said earlier – devour whilst still warm with creme freche or custard and a glass of Italian red wine.

See you next week when I’ll be a week into the cleanse and on my way to a new, healthier self!


Seabass with Green Mash 

As I get ready for holiday/bikini season (i have been very spoiled and have a few – well 8, amazing trips planned this year!) i am being extra healthy focussing on portion size, nutrition and a good balance between protein and carbs.

After my workout I needed a good fill of protein to recover and carbs for energy and a few portions of good old greens! This recipe is inspired from Jamie Oliver’s superfood book and super it is!

Seabass is an excellent source of protein and is packed with vitamins A, D and E. It contains a good balance of fats as it isnt too oily but its omega-3 oils are anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing so good fats!
The greens in this recipe are primarily asparagus and peas. Asparagus is in season now (feb until june) encourages a healthy gut, boosts energy and contains lots of antioxidents good for the skin and good for the heart. Peas are rich im vitamin C, helps with digestion and a good source of iron too which also boosts energy.

Serves 2
2 Seabass fillets
200g Asparagus
200g Peas
1 medium Potato
2 handfuls Spinach
8 large Mint Leaves
1 handful low fat grated mature cheddar
1 Red Chilli – sliced

Dice the potato and pop on the stove to boil. Keep 4 asparagus aside, chop the rest and pop into boil with 3/4 of the peas.
Whilst they cook, shred the remaining asparagus with a peeler and mix with the chilli, remaining peas and a little lemon juice. Put to one side.
Sieve the potatoes, asparagus and peas when cooked, add in the spinach, mint and cheese and pulse to a chunky mash. Leave in a warm oven whilst you cook yhe seabass.
Keeping the seabass simple, i brushed with olive oil and drizzled with a little lemon juice and fry skin side down for a few minutes, covering with some damp greaseproof paper for a final couple of minutes to steam cook the other side whilst keeping the skin crispy.
To plate up, serve the salad alongside the mash with the seabass on top and another little drizzle of lemon juice.


Super Skinny Carbonara

  Elix and I are on a little health kick at the moment – more exercise, nutritious food, no snacking (me especially as i do love an evening peanut m&m’s treat) – anyway we are making good use of Jamie Oliver’s Superfood book for recipe inspiration and nutrition advice.

Tonight I made skinny carbonara from Jamie’s book and it was delicious so I thought I would share the recipe for those of you who don’t have the book. Incidentally Elix is adament this isn’t a carbonara (she loves carbonara with a creamy bacon, mushroom and cheese sauce and doesn’t like it messed with!) and more of a Pesto/Bacon/Pasta dish….helpful Elix thanks!

Serves 2
2 portions Wholewheat Spaghetti
200g peas
15g Basil
1 Clove Garlic
Juice of 1 Lemon
1tbsp Toasted Flaked Almonds
15g Finely grated Parmesan
2 Rashers Smoked Bacon – finely sliced
1 egg
75ml Natural Yoghurt

Start by popping the pasta in boiling water to cook.
In a food processor blitz the garlic, peas, lemon juice, basil, parmasan and almonds until the consistency of a coarse pesto – the smell of this is beautiful and fresh.
Fry the bacon in a little olive oil until crispy and stir in the pea pesto to warm through. Drain the cooked spaghetti and add to the pea pan. Stir to combine and take off the heat. Whisk together the yoghurt and egg and add to the pan stirring continuously to fully incorporate and avoid scrambled eggs forming at the edges of the pan.
Dish out and enjoy this lighter take on carbonara/pesto pasta!