About Me and My Blog

I started this blog 4 years ago after being inspired by the food and dishes I ate, learned about and was taught to cook during a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. At that point I was already a “foodie” enjoying cooking and eating out as a hobby. Since then, food and cooking has truly become a passion which I have been able to incorporate with interests in nutrition, well being and travel. 

Cooking for me is a way to relax, a way to find my happy place after a stressful day at work or a busy Saturday. Whether it’s making my favourite dishes – usually Vietnamese noodle salads, Italian Pastas or Roast Chicken – or trying out new recipes,  I am at my most content in my kitchen.

Where is my kitchen you ask! I live in Tooting in South West London – home of wonderful curry houses, spice shops, traditional pubs and a bustling  market. I live with my sister Elix (short for Elizabeth – who has time to type that out?!) she is great at cooking one pot dishes such as jambalaya and curries but she excels at knowing the new places to eat out in London and is always by my side trying local foods when we go away.

4 years ago my blog was focussed on recipes, places I had travelled to and restaurants  that I had visited. Now i tend to share my recipes and recipes of myfavourite cooks alongside nutritional information. After qualifiying as a nutritional therapist earlier this year I love to understand how we can best look after ourselves through diet and truly understand what we are eating and how it will affect our bodies. 

Saying all of that I will never stop loving Chippy Tea (I am a northern girl after all!), chocolate and Honest Burger – everything in moderation right?!

Enjoy reading my blog posts – be happy and healthy!

Lauren x



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