About Me and My Blog

Hello all – my name is Lauren and this is my first blogging endeavour about my favourite thing in the world – FOOD. I love cooking and eating, going to restaurants, reading my cookery magazines (I subscribe to 3) and collecting cookbooks (of which I have 51 – Blimey – thats the first time I’ve counted and i didn’t realise I had so many!). My favourite cookbooks are Lucas Hollweg, Neil Perry, Rick Stein and Nigella Lawson.

I cook as much as I can – either a recipe-for-one after work or big dinners for my friends at the weekend. From Mexican Quesadillas to Indian Curry, Rick Stein to Gwyenth Paltrow and French Toast for brunch to Sunday Roast Pork I like to try new food and learn about different cuisines.

I live with my sister Elizabeth (from now on il refer to her as Elix as I cant be bothered writing her whole name) in Tooting, London, her speciality dinners are “one pot wonders” the best of which are her Jambalaya and Chilli-con-Carne (which we always have with jacket potato, corn-on-the-cob and sour cream). According to her I dont have a signature dish but I can take credit for introducing her to the wonderful world of risotto, mushrooms, beetroot and kedgeree all of which she refused to eat before I cooked them for our dinners.

I love going out for dinner in London – my favourite meal ever was at Pollen Street Social but I also love Tramshed, Honest Burger, Polpo, Pizza East and Opera Tavern. Restaurants on my dream list include Outlaw’s, Gidleigh Park and Le Gavroche.

I may as well be open about my guilty pleasures of which I am not ashamed and I’m sure I will mention them in my blog posts – here we go…

  • TGI Fridays – me and my friends Kirsty and Carly go at least twice a year to celebrate our birthdays – we always order the same stuff – Kirsty goes for Chicken Nachos and Carly and I will each have half a rack of ribs with chips and onion rings. At the ages of 28 we have no intention to “grow up” and stop this tradition!
  • Chippy Tea – Im originally from Manchester and when we go home for a weekend we insist on getting Chippy Tea on a Friday night. For me this involves, steak and kidney pudding, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce and Elix will order steak and kidney pudding, fish and chips
  • Chicken in Breadcrumbs, Jacket Potato and Beans – this was one of my favourite dinners growing up. Mum rarely cooked it as she usually would make homemade pies, pasta dishes and the dreaded HotPot and so when she cooked this for dinner me, Elix and our brother Jack would always be very happy. This has stayed with me, and now, as an adult if I have had a bad day at work or I want to treat myself this is what I will be eating
  • Masterchef Australia – BEST.PROGRAMME.EVER! Yes iv seen every episode, yes i record the repeats!

I hope you enjoy reading about the food I cook and the places I go to eat with my friends. I will also share some Foodie Blasts from the Past so that I can share tales of restaurants I’ve been to and some of my favourite meals from my holidays.

Lauren x


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