Our Fish Nugget Tacos

I’m sharing this recipe as it’s one of my favourites, I cook it often and always forget which recipe book the crumb mix is from (spend ages leafing through dozens of books) and Elix and I made it for Christmas eve dinner and Mum wants the recipe.

The crumb recipe is inspired by Silvena Rowe’s Za’atar crusted Cod and I pair this with a Cauliflower fattoush style salad and tortilla wraps. I like to think of this as a Middle East meets Mexico dish – flavours of the Middle east delivered in a Mexican style taco.
You can buy za’atar in most supermarkets (even in Toots!) but you can also make it ypurslef by mixing 1tsp sumac, ground cumin, dried marjoram and toasted sesame seeds with 2tsp fresh thyme or oregano.

Serves 2

For the Fish Nuggets

2 Cod/Haddock fillets – cut into bitesize pieces
100g Pistachios – blitzed
3tbsp Breadcrumbs
1tbsp Za’atar
1tsp Nigella Seeds
2 eggs
Plain Flour

For the Salad

1/2 Cauliflower – chopped into tiny florets
Handful Parsley, Mint, Coriander – chopped
1/2 cucumber – chopped
8 Radishes – thinly sliced
8 Cherry Tomatoes – quartered
Seeds of a Pomegranate
Juice of a Lemon
Olive Oil

Blitz the ingredients for the crumb together until coarse. Start yourself a little conveyor belt of bowls of plain flour, beaten eggs and the crumb. Lightly coat the fish pieces in flour, followed by egg and finally the crumb and place to rest on a plate.
Make the salad by mixing together the ingredients and making the dressing of lemon juice and olive oil with a sprinkling of sumac for a little extra zest.
To fry the fish, heat a large frying pan with vegetable oil and fry the fish in batches until the crumb is golden and crispy. The fish should take 3-4 minutes on each side to cook through. To be healthier, you can also bake the fish in an oven of 200 degrees for 25 minutes.
To serve, place the fish and salad inside a tortilla wrap with some cucumber and mint yoghurt or have as a simple salad.


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