Christmas Pudding

It’s October which means its time to make my annual Christmas Pudding! Making it now gives the pudding enough time for flavours to infuse and enrich ready for Christmas Day! Christmas pudding is my most favourite dessert ever, served with custard it would be the last (and best) part of my last meal. Dad loves Christmas pudding, everyone else isnt too fussed (usually i also make chocolate yule log or oreo cheesecake as a second Christmas dessert which are far more popular) so despite the fact that I doubt anyone would notice whether i made one or provided a shop bought one I love this so much that making my own each year makes Christmas even more special. Plus, this one serves 12 portions so Dad and I feast on this for days after Christmas!

For a pudding tin sized 800ml
1 small apple – grated
2 eggs
100g Plain Flour
50g Breadcrumbs
50g Dried Figs – chopped
50g Blanched Almonds
50g Brazil Nuts – chopped
100g Sultanas
150g Raisins
50g Currants
50ml Brandy
1.5tbsp Honey
2tsp Mixed Spice
Zest and Juice of one Lemon
50g Suet
100g Light Muscavado Sugar

Now for the easy part…mix everything together and pop into the greased pudding tin. Cover with foil and pop the lid on (if you dont have a lid, cover with an extra piece of foil and tie tightly with string). Place the pudding tin onto an upside down steamer basket or on a upside down plate in a large deep pan (anything so long as it isnt directly on the base of the pan). Fill the pan with water up to 2/3 the depth of the pudding tin. Pop a lid or secure some more foil onto the top of the pan.
Steam for 5hours and leave to cool.
On Christmas day, steam for another 2 hours and then serve with custard or cream or brandy sauce or ice cream – whatever you prefer!


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