Chicken Schnitzel

Very short and sweet post today. To cheer up Elix tonight after a tough day and also to live up to a promise I made her weeks ago that i would cook this, I finally made us Chicken Schnitzel. We had it with a light cesear salad and some homemade roasted sweet potato fries.

To make our perfect schnitzel I wrapped a chicken breast in some cling film and bashed down flat with my rolling pin. This makes is easier to crumb and will cook evenly without drying out.

First lightly coat the chicken in flour, then in whisked egg. Season some breadcrumbs with pepper and cayenne pepper (you can choose any spice or dried herb here – paprika or dried thyme are often nice) and finally coat the chicken in this breadcrumb mix.

Shallow fry in vegetable oil until cooked through and golden brown – this should take 8-10minutes.

Serve with a fried egg on top!


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