A Lesson in N’Duja

Every evening as I walk home from the tube, I call my parents to hear about their days and tell them about my day, usually whinge to them, find out what they are having for dinner and tell them what we are cooking…..today this is when the trouble started!

I declared to Dad that we were having courgetti with a tomato, n’duja and ricotta sauce. “What’s N’Duja?” I tried explaining that its a spicy sausage paste, similar in texture to a coarse pate that almost liquifies when cooks. It tastes like spicy chorizo and is common in Italian and Spanish cooking – I have had it on pizzas, in pasta and on bruschetta. Dad was confused and couldn’t understand asking silly questions like “is it meat?” and “is it liquid pate?”. Well Dad – here is a blog to teach you all about it!

N’Duja is a spicy, spreadable pork salami from Italy. The pork meat is chopped finely, mixed with roasted pepper and chilli spices and cured in the same way chorizo is. 

Tonight I cooked courgetti with a spiced tomato sauce and it was delicious!

Serves 2
2 large courgettes – spiralized
2 garlic cloves – finely diced
200g Cherry Tomatoes
3tsp N’Duja
8 Fine Asparagus – sliced
Ricotta to serve

Fry the tomatoes in a frying pan until charred and mash-able. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan and add the garlic. As the tomatoes burst and the juice adds extra moisture to the pan, stir in the n’duja and asparagus. Let the n’duja dissolve into the sauce – add a little extra water to loosen if necessary. Once the sauce is a thick consistency and the n’duja is incorporated add the courgetti and coat with the sauce.
As the n’duja is so spicy and smoky I added a few small dollops of ricotta to stir through to tone down the heat and add some creaminess to the sweet tomato sauce.



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