Another Asian Dinner – Laksa with Seabass

A cheeky little friend of mine jokes that all I ever cook and eat is Asian food – to be fair after a trio of home cooked Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese meals over the last few nights I can’t really argue and so i thought i would live up to this and blog about a Rick Stein Thai Laksa that  

 i made this evening for dinner.
I’ve been feeling poorly for the past few days and this soup was full of fresh herbs, comforting chilli heat and healthy fish and vegetables so was perfect to get me feeling better.

Ingredients (serves 2)
Groundnut Oil
450ml Stock (I used vegetable but Chicken or Fish would work too)
50g Egg Noodles
400ml Coconut Milk
50g Beansprouts
4 Spring Onions – sliced
2 Handfuls of Vegetables – I used mini-corn, tenderstem brocolli and pak choi
2 Fillets Seabass
1 Handful chopped mint, basil and coriander
Chilli Sambal (optional)
Lime Wedges to garnish
Laksa Paste
25g Shrimp Paste
3 Red Chillies
2 Lemongrass Stalks
25g Unroasted Cashew Nuts
2 Cloves Garlic
2.5cm Ginger
1tsp Ground Turmeric
1tsp Ground Coriander
1 Small Onion
Juice 1 Lime

Start with the laksa paste and blend all the ingredients in a food processor adding a couple of teaspoons of cold water if necessary until a smooth paste forms.
Fry the paste in some groundnut oil and stir for 10 minutes until fragrent. Add the stock and simmer for another 10 minutes.
Pop the noodles and vegetables into boiling water until almost cooked through (they will finish off later in the  main soup) and drain.
Add the coconut milk to the soup and mix. Add in the spring onions, beansprouts, noodles and vegetables and leave on a low heat.
Fry the seabass, skin side down in some olive oil for a couple of minutes on each side.
Spoon the laksa into a noodle bowl and sprinkle the fresh herbs on top. Place the seabass on top and if you like extra heat spoon some sambal and garnish with the lime.

We had seabass but the original recipe suggests grilled cod – I think anything would be lovely – mixed vegetables, tofu, chicken, prawns, mussels or beef – I think next time we will definitely be trying mixed seafood and if I get my way…tofu!


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