Hoi Polloi

Upon my return from holiday Elix and I decided to go out to a new restaurant in Shoreditch called Hoi Polloi. We have seen it recommended in lots of magazines and foodie publications and as Elix loves to try the new trendy places we thought we would give it a shot.

The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, busy but felt spacious and waiters dressed in turquoise and pink sweaters ensured everything felt laid back and relaxed.

As usual I had already made my choices from the menu and it didn’t disappoint.

We elected to not have starters as the bread basket was yummy and filing enough and we both had our eyes on dessert so wanted to make sure there was room left for that!

My main was hake which came with baby squid, black pudding and cavolo nero. These are flavours I have never tried together and they were delicious. The black pudding and squid was almost stew-like which was a lovely rich accompaniment to the hake. Elix loved her main of skirt of beef which came with chips and an onion fritter. As I cannot resist anchovies we also ordered broccoli with an anchovy crumb which i could have eaten as a main dish and will certainly be trying at home!



ImageLuckily we had room for dessert and I controversially decided to go for a couple of cheeses (i say this is controversial because i don’t usually like cheese too much and rarely eat it). I elected the tunworth and the crozier blue – i do enjoy blue cheese a lot and this went well with the creamier, nuttier tunworth. Both were served with a selection of crackers, one a thick biscuit and one a crunchy, seeded flat cracker and a beautiful, rich quince/fig chutney.


Elix ordered the Chocolate Cambridgeshire Cream – i was too full to try any but she assured me it was delicious, accompanied by mint oil and hazelnut ice cream – give Elix chocolate and mint together and she is a happy girl!

We LOVED Hoi Polloi and definitely want to go back – the menu is packed full of lovely dishes with unusual flavour combinations, service was brilliant and the restaurant itself is a great place to be – warm, welcoming and fun.


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