Pilgrimage for Pizza

I read an article a while ago about a new ‘thing’ in London of prosecco on tap. This sounded like a wonderful idea to me and i started to investigate (with the help of Elix) where these places were to go and try.
I came upon Pizza Pilgrims on Dean St in Soho which serves a selection of 10 wood fired pizzas including calzone, a couple of sides, affectionately labelled “not pizzas” and a daily special with prosecco on tap, moreti beer and aperol spritz (there are a few more bits and bobs on the menu but i’ve picked the highlights). With the temptation of pizza, prosecco and aperol, Elix and i invented Tuesday Treatday and decided to visit this week.
There was a little wait for a downstairs table so we elected to sit on the ground floor at the window bar by the chefs which would enable us to people watch and eat sooner so as to get home for Great British Bakeoff! After experiencing this type of eating on Madrid and Venice i prefer the whole “relaxed-eating-at-the-bar” choice and tend to do it when i have visited Bubbledogs (charlotte st), Polpo (maiden lane) and Copita (D’Arblay st).
After about 10 minutes of much deliberation, as all the pizzas sounded delicious and during which time we changed our minds a few times after seeing amazing looking pizzas come out of the oven and, after i realised that I could get anchovies as an extra topping, we settled on a Margherita with anchovies (my favourite pizza topping, often my “food heaven” choice and, quite frankly something i just cant resist!) and the Nduja which is a Margherita with spicy Calabrian ndjua sausage on top. The pizzas arrived with a crunchy-on-the-outside but fluffy-on the-inside crust, thin base, sweet, rich tomato sauce and a perfect amount of creamy cheese scattered on top. On my Margherita, the anchovies were juicy and added a lovely salty finish to the pizza and Elix’s sausage added a smoky, spicy kick. If i were to order this pizza again i would maybe request some ricotta and artichoke/broccoli as extra toppings as the sausage was pretty hot and, in a similar way to the sobrasada iv mentioned before, was very soft and almost spreadable so the crunchy texture of a vegetable and the creaminess of the ricotta would make the pizza even more delicious.
We both elected to relive our Venice trip and enjoyed an aperol spritz with our dinner – which was perfect and refreshing with the pizzas.

I think its time to get my pizza stone out again!!

20131005-075110 AM.jpg


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