Happy Mondays

Whilst I haven’t ever been one to get the Sunday blues, recently, Elix has been rather emotional at the prospect of another long week and whether its on a Sunday evening or on the tube on a Monday morning she turns into a moody little so-and-so. As im the one who suffers at the hand of these Sunday blues I decided to take matters into my own hands and the Glancy household (London contingent) now have Happy Mondays!

Last week I treated Elix with a dinner at Opera Tavern near Covent Garden. Opera Tavern is a Spanish/Italian inspired Tapas restaurant which is part of the same group as Salt Yard and Dehesa. I’m a big fan of all three restaurants, having been to each a few times. As usual, last week, Elix and I over-ordered and despite advice from the waiter opted to cut one dish from our list (a tomato salad) and continued on our massive eating quest. Crispy pigs ears and olives came first along with chargrilled bread with olive oil.

ImageThe crispy pigs ears are super tasty and crunchy – the perfect starter and accompaniment to juicy green olives.

Next, came our tortilla (perfectly gooey in the middle), grilled octopus with a chickpea fritter and red pepper & mojo verde (a sweet soupy sauce), pork belly with rosemary cannellini beans, patatas fritas and the italian scotch egg – see, I told you we over ordered! As usual the entire dinner was fresh, tasty and cooked amazingly!


To make the dinner even more juicy, we discovered (through some cheeky selective listening) that the couple next to us were having an affair and were at dinner planning how they were going to run away together! We didn’t intend to find this out but after excessive PDA across the dinner table (gross), the rude man who kept complaining about the weather and the fact that they tried to steal our scotch egg (Elix put a swift stop to that!) – they caught our attention and once we realised what was going on we were hooked – just like an episode of Mistresses!

In the end we were defeated by all the food (despite our best attempts and failed strategic food breaks) and left a couple of patatas and a squidgey slice of tortilla – it broke my heart to leave it but i know my limits and didn’t want to be feeling my usually sicky self after over-eating which is a mistake I make all too often.

Onto Fun Monday this week – Chilli night! Elix made the chilli tonight as its her speciality and a dish which she is amazing at cooking (even better than our mum!). We always eat chilli when we want some comfort food and we have it with jacket potato, corn-on-the-cob and sour cream – tonight as it was Happy Monday we had some beers and put the world to rights (well, Elix talked through her terrible day at work whilst we listened to Taylor Swift and spied on our next door neighbours through the kitchen window) and later we will have some ice cream, watch the Kardashians and some more trashy tv – perfect!!

Lucky people – Elix has given me permission to share her chilli recipe which consists of :

Minced beef, onion, courgette, pepper, kidney beans (in chilli sauce), chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, fresh chilli, dried chilli flakes, cayenne pepper and paprika. Im sure this isn’t the traditional recipe for chilli but its one that we love. Fry the onion and garlic with mushrooms, chilli and courgettes, once softened add the beef, once browned, add the tomatoes and spices to taste and simmer until a rich, spicy sauce is formed. Happy Days!

Next Monday we are going to see The Woman in Black in the West End …. if you ever want to come over on a Monday to join in the fun (im sure most of you wont count chilli and the Kardashians as a fun eve…but still….) and celebrate Mondays being over and done with and being one day closer to the weekend you are very welcome! They will become more exciting i promise!


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