A good old catch up and cocktails…..how we’ve moved on from Abacus

I promise you I cook in – I really do but after a few weeks travelling and then some time settling into my new job I’m spending a disproportionate number of evenings seeing friends and catching up which evidently means I’m eating out more than usual!
Thursday night I caught up with my “work friends” Laura and Mansi. I shouldn’t really call them work friends anymore as we all work for different companies now but never-the-less we are bound forever by our experience of our grad scheme and have been together through job moves, break-ups, weddings, babies, house buying etc etc. So yes….they are my “very good friends” so much more than “work friends”.
We went for cocktails at the Covent Garden Hotel – Elix introduced me to it and my favourite cocktail ever is there – Watermelon & Cucumber Margarita – give me anything with watermelon in and I’m a happy girl! The girls both had a Forest Bubbles which was bubbles, raspberry and elderflower and looked very pretty.
Laura suggested the venue this time and it was Heaton Butler & Bayne (HBB) just between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. It really was lovely inside, white exposed bricks and simple dark wood tables and chairs. As soon as I sat down though I felt as though I was sitting on a child’s chair as the seat part isn’t very big (I did wonder if my bum was too big but Laura who is teeny tiny said she found it small too which made me feel better) so it wasn’t the comfiest of seats – especially as I was still a bit achy from my gym session the day before!
The food was lovely jubbly – nice bread to start and I had a nice Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (the girls stuck to prosecco). For mains we all went for different choices – my pork loin was lovely and the date purée tasted of Christmas which was a real treat. Mansi’s Stone Bass was the prettiest dish and she really enjoyed it – it came with broad beans and morels which I think I might experiment with one day as they seem to go well and make sense together – watch this space – if it goes well il post my recipe! Laura had Hake which came with courgettes – the courgette was sliced julienne so thinly we thought it was noodles at first!
Dessert was somewhat rushed as mid-way through I received a message from Elix who had returned home from a long day at work to find no running water at all – the pesky builders from downstairs had burst a pipe and turned the water off and not told us! Anyway – the desserts were HUGE! My strawberry pavlova (or pav as I like to call them) was crispy on the outside and both chewy and gooey in the middle – just as I like it! Mansi went for the elderflower mousse which she said was lovely but oh-my-gosh it was massive. Laura went for the doughnuts with caramel in the middle and they looked lovely and dainty and Laura said they were very tasty. I’ve only added a couple of pics because my mum said I should only use pretty pictures….apparently my Ten Cases steak looked horrible! But I’m working on it and hopefully soon can improve my food photography and Instagram skills!
All in all I really enjoyed HBB but mostly because it was a lovely catch up with the girls and we had a good gossip and I always love hearing about Mansi’s baby who is ADORABLE! My favourite place to go with the ladies is Yauatcha so maybe next time we can go there – now there is some pretty food!!



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